Monday, June 29, 2015

Tuesday Tag #1 How I Read

There are a heap of tags out there! I've found lots of great new books by reading/watching tag videos and posts so I thought I would dedicated some Tuesdays to answering some of these. Hopefully you can get some ideas for books to read too.

I saw this tag over at Pan Alchemist's blog so head on over there to check out her answers too. 

"How I read" Tag
1) How do you find out about new books to read?
A combination of book tube, blogs, good reads and seeing what's being promoted by my favourite bookstores.  Because I'm doing a few challenges I also look up books based on titles that fit into the challenges and find new and interesting books that way.

The latest book I found was The Lost and the Found by Cat Clarke.It's about a girl who's sister went missing when she was younger and is now coming home. Can't wait to check it out.

 2) How did you get into reading?
School. I'm a bit of a nerd and I really loved school. I tried really hard at school so in primary school that meant reading lots of books from the book bin which got me started. In later primary there was the Baby Sitters club! Oh how I loved them... lol. Then in high school I had some great English teachers who picked some great books for us to read and study and that cemented my love of reading. 

3) How has your taste in books changed since you've got older?
I've always been a pretty wide reader, so not really.

4) How often do you buy books?
I try not to buy too many. I'll buy a book when I find it on sale or at a good price. Books can be very expensive in Australia so I try not to buy too many, plus I have limited space on my bookshelf. I do buy a book at least once a month for my book club though.

5) How did you get into booktubing? (Blogging)
I haven't stared booktubing.... yet. I've been thinking about it but I'm a bit shy and there can be a lot of hate out there on Youtube. I used to have a blog to share all my crafting endeavours so I am familiar with blogging, and thought this would be a nicer way for me to share my thoughts. If you have a blog or a blog recommendation let me know in the comments!

6) How do you react when you don't like the end of a book?
I can't say this happens all that much. I guess if I don't like the ending I'll quickly forget about the book and there fore how it ended.

7) How often have you taken a sneaky look at the back page of a book to see if it's a happy ending?
Nope. I like that feeling of racing towards the last page to find out what happens. Why would I want to spoil it for myself.

8) How many people are you going to tag, and who are they?
If you would like to play along please do! And leave a link down below so I can see your answers. 

Happy Reading

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